Hummingbird UPDATE #3 "The Sweet Nectar"

IF this is your first time checking in about the baby hummingbirds we found at our house, please check out PART 1 of the story in the article below:

And here is the update from yesterday (video and full story below):

Hummingbird UPDATE #2! "The New Nest"
Hummingbird UPDATE #2! "The New Nest"

Now that you're all caught up.... Here is UPDATE #3!

The baby hummingbirds seem to be very happy, they are growing, their eyes are opening and their feathers are coming in strong! My wife asked me yesterday after work if I've seen the mom flying around the house or the nest... I think I saw her once or twice, so my wife said that we NEED TO GET A HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER!

Last night at 8:01pm pst we hit up Home Depot to pick up a feeder and some nectar for the mom. And this morning we saw a bunch of bird poop below the feeder, sooooo it looks like the mom has come around and started feeding the babies again!!!

Check out the updated pics from my IG of the baby hummingbirds and their new feeder:


I'll update you guys again tomorrow with more pics and videos!

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Scuba Steve

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