Hummingbird UPDATE #2! "The New Nest"

In case you missed the show yesterday, you can recap yourself on what happened by clicking the article below...

Now that you are up to date!

Yesterday when I got home one of the baby birds was HANGING from the nest!!! Apparently he can't stay still and in the nest. We think he keeps falling out every time mom comes around and sits in the nest. 

That being said, we needed to reinforce the hummingbird nest for the babies so that the mom can keep them warm at night. My wife Kimberley made this INCREDIBLE water bottle nest and secured it to the branch... Check out the IG video below:

Kim is AMAZING! Check out this water bottle nest she made for the baby hummingbirds 😊

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Now it's time to see if the mom will come back! As of this morning the nest was still secure and the babies seemed happy and alive. When I get home from work today I'm going to look out from the window and see if the mom comes back to feed her young.

I'll have another update tomorrow (Wednesday) around 12:12p. Also, BIG THANKS to all of you guys for chiming in yesterday on Facebook with your comments and support. Here's what a few of you had to say:

WHAT DO WE DO WITH THESE BABY HUMMINGBIRDS?! Please read our story, check out the video -> And hit me up with your advice! Thank YOU! -Scuba Steve

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Check out the UPDATE from Wednesday 4-19-17:

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