We Made The News!!! Check this...

I forgot to mention this yesterday, I was still drained from all of that driving... ;)

BUT, we made the news!!! Thank God everyone was okay, long story short... We were in the Bay and driving home from an event. As we were approaching our exit, traffic started to stop... And we had that feeling that it was coming to a complete stop for a min. Sure enough nobody was moving for about five minutes, so I went on Twitter to see if any local news sites posted any info. And riiiiiight as I was scrolling Twitter we heard helicopters hover over us, and then land on the highway!!!

So I started recording video on my phone and posted it to my Twitter and then CBS, NBC and a few other news outlets picked up my vid and used it on their stations!!! SO COOL! Check it:


KPIX 5 even posted my Polaroid pics of us hanging out and standing on the freeway ;) Click HERE to see their full report!

Below are the videos and pics that I posted on my Twitter account:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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