SINGLE GUYS BEWARE! Girl Uses Tinder To Take Your MONEY...

(Photo courtesy of Leon Neal / Staff / Getty Images)

"Send me $5, see what happens" was Maggie's bio on Twitter and guys started sending her $5 to... see what happens! Turns out, NOTHING! Maggie took your money and your chance at getting some of her goods ;)

Now that her story is going viral, she's not getting as much money HA! BUT there is the possibility of other girls doing this right now and you click on her profile, send her some money thinking your gonna get something. Most dudes think she'll send back a nude photo, but NOPE! You just got a pile of NOTHING! 

Check out the full story HERE! And below is Maggie's tweet showing off her Tinder bio:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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