Megan Mullullay Made Nick Offerman Wait MONTHS Before They Did "It"...


Are you a fan of "Parks & Rec"...? Did you know that Ron Swanson and Tammy are actually a REAL married couple! Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are a real life couple and they've been married since 2003. How have they kept their marriage so strong? Wellllll according to Megan it's all her doing.

She made Nick wait FOUR MONTHS before she put out! FOUR MONTHS!!! When they first started dating she was old school with her values. Megan said in a recent interview “I wouldn’t even let him come over…Then, finally, he could come over…but he couldn’t come in. Or we could stand outside in the yard. Then he could come in, but only the living room. Then he could sleep on the couch. Then he could sleep in the bed. Then, finally, sex.” WOW!  Click HERE for the full story.

How long did you make your significant other wait?

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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