Experts Say STOP Hiding Vegetables In Your Kids’ Food...

(Photo courtesy of Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images)

Parents! Experts are saying that you should STOP hiding veggies from your kids... I didn't even know this was a thing?!? My mom would just flat out put veggies on our plates, she would TRY to get us to eat them...buuuut she got DENIED errrry time ;)

So an expert says it's not good to hide veggies in your kids food, and that you need to teach your kids how to actually like veggies. GOOD LUCK!

Suggestions on how to do that include pairing them with something yummy, but mostly experts say just keep giving them to your kid, between eight and 15 times until they start liking them... HA!

I think these "experts" are out of their minds. Kids will be kids...

PARENTS! What do you think? Also, are you a parent that hides veggies in your kids food? How do you do it? What food are you hiding? Hit us up with your stories on our Facebook page OR Twitter!

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