VIDEO: A Ryan Gosling Impostor JACKED His Award...

Some MAJOR confusion went down at an award show in Germany! When "La La Land" won an award at Germany's Goldene Kamera awards, the host announced that Ryan Gosling was accepting the award...

Buuuuut when "Ryan" came to the stage it didn't really look like Ryan... Instead, a Gosling lookalike came on stage and thanked "Joko and Klaas" a comedian duo from German.

It turns out Joko and Klaas created this elaborate scheme to fool the crowd that Ryan Gosling was in Germany to accept his award. BUT it was an imporsonator, who may I add looks 37% like Ryan haha

Check out the behind the scenes footage of what it took to pull this prank off: 


And this is the clip of "Ryan Gosling" coming on stage:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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