#AYFKM?!? Movie Theater Builds JUNGLE GYMS Inside Theaters...

(Photo courtesy of Chris So / Contributor / Getty Images)

We ALREADY have a hard time getting people to pay attention to the movie with distractions like cell phones and LOUD eating... Well, now a movie theater chain Cinepolis has created a playground like movie theater! They say it's to distract kids and give them something to do during the movies.

UMMMMM how about they WATCH THE FREAKIN' MOVIE?!? Isn't that something to do? Teach your kids a thing called an attention span!   

Cinepolis Junior theaters will include bean bag-like seating, lounge chairs, a fenced-off play pen, and two slides.

Two theaters in California, one in Los Angeles and one in San Diego, will be the first to offer a kid friendly theater experience, along with an additional $3-surcharge.

Although I don't agree with it 100%, I will say that the theaters look REALLY COOL! haha

Check out a photo that LA Times posted to their twitter account:


Click HERE for the full story and more pics.

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