#AYFKM?!? This Mom Spends 2 1/2 HOURS On Her INFANT'S...

(Photo courtesy of Ian Gavan / Stringer / Getty Images)

...HAIR!!! YES, this baby gets her hair did up as if she's going out for a night on the town! She said that her baby came out with a head FULL of hair and Amelia's hair continues to grow... FAST!

After hearing this you're probably thinking this baby has hair like an 18 year old girl and that it would need to be washed, conditioned and blow dried daily... HA! That's that part that makes me say "Are You F***ing KIDDING ME?!?"

You HAVE to see this infants hair and what this mom does to it each day and why she spends 2 1/2 HOURS to get the job done... RIDICULOUS!!! Click HERE to see the photos and the full story.

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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