FEEL GOOD STORY! Doctor Performs INCREDIBLE Surgery To Save A Kids Arm!

(Photo courtesy of  Yuri Smityuk / Contributor / Getty Images)

Dr. Ryan Katz, let's call him Dr. Feel Good today... What he did was INCREDIBLE and the surgery was the first of its kind!

Eight year old Lai Ding from Maryland was born with a radial club and he used the surgeon used his FOOT BONE to fix the issue! Lai has a genetic condition that caused him to have a shorter forearm and his arm curved at a right angle.

So Dr. Katz removed a bone from the boy’s second toe, including a growth plate, and created a functional hand and arm with it!

Click HERE to check out the full story & you HAVE to see the photo. The happiness on that kids face is #PRICELESS!!!

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Scuba Steve

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