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Some vacations, you get to the end and you just can't WAIT to get back home and get on your daily routine... BUT this vacation was not one of those haha   I really enjoyed going home and hanging with family and friends.

It also didn't hurt that we went to Walt DISNEY WORLD for a couple of days   Check out some videos that I posted to my IG account. This was our day at MGM for the Disney OG's aka Hollywood Studios for the 2017 people haha My wife and I had a day to ourselves:


Then... later in the week we went to Magic Kingdom!!! With 13 people...    Yes, it was crazy... BUT it was totally worth it and a TON OF FUN! If you haven't been to Magic Kingdom OR Walt Disney World? I HIGHLY recommend you taking a trip down to Orlando, Florida and get on it!

This was a video from the beginning of the day when we got on the monorail and annoyed EVERYONE on the train   Watch:


The majority of our time in Orlando, Florida was spent hanging with my Nana aka grandma... There were some days/nights when I was able to go HARD with the boyZ. Yes, boys with a Z haha

On our final night in Orlando we got presidential suite tickets to hang at the Solar Bears game with my close circle back home! Highlight of the night? The kid in the video below going HARD! Watch:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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