Scott Proposed; Kourtney Said No! HA!!!

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I'm not a fan of the Kardashian's, it's just not for me... Soooooo I've made the choice to NOT talk about them on the show, buuuuuuuut when something like this happens... I HAVE to tell you about it!!!

 So Kourtney Kardashian is the oldest of the sisters and in my opinion the HOTTEST!   haha Well, she's been with this guy Scott Disick for years and they have kids together. They've NEVER been married and it's mostly due to his actions. He's really been a terrible partner, but apparently over the last year he's cleaned up his act and ready to prove to Kourtney that he can be a better man.

The other day the family was on vacation in Costa Rica and Scott decided that he was going to propose to Kourtney. He thought for sure that she'd say YES! Buuuuut she said NO hahahahaha he was served a big old bowl of KARMA!

Scott was so upset and embarrassed, but Kourtney couldn't give two s****! Best part? Scott says he's cleaned up his act and is a better person now, but when Kourtney said NO... He went ahead and flew in ANOTHER GIRL to their vacation in Costa Rica! HA! Looks like he'll NEVER learn. Check out the full story HERE! 

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Scuba Steve

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