Who Knew There Were SO MANY Marijuana Infused Products?! AND A Chili's Ban Has Been LIFTED!

I'm an old school smoker, just roll it and smoke it    Buuuut apparently with several states going legal there are a TON of products that I had NO IDEA were a thing. Check them out:

Toothpaste - It allegedly can reduce gum and tooth pain! 

Toothpicks - Say whaaaaat?!?

Lip balm - An easy way to relax without anyone knowing.

Body lotion - It's known as topical cannabis and is rumored to have inflammation reducing properties.

Coffee pods - It's like a K-Cup...

Acne lotion - Cannabinol has been found to make skin appear younger and more even.

Shampoo - This has nothing to do with getting high, but hemp does condition your hair well!

Patches - Just like those smoking patches, these can get you loopy without puffing anything!

Annnnnnnd anyone a fan of the TV show "The Office"...? Do you remember in season two when Pam was kicked out of Chili's for being HELLA drunk?! Well, turns out the life long ban is OVER! Check out the pic that Jenna Fischer aka Pam posted to her IG account:

Scuba Steve

Scuba Steve

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