Would You Buy This?: Cap'n Crunch That Turns Your Milk Green

Pretty sure, the milk isn't the only thing that'll turn green. Just basing this off of my experience with Crunch Berries.

Via BestProducts.com:

The sweetened corn and oat cereal is filled with Cap’n Crunch’s classic pillow shapes, as well as ghosts that turn your milk green. Creepy, right? As usual, the cereal is only around for a limited time, so don’t hesitate to pick it up once you see it.

Looking at the box, you can see that Cap'n Crunch is a little pale. What this suggests is that the Cap'n got caught in a terrible Soggy storm and went down with the ship...until it was time to return from the dead to give you green cereal. OOooooOOooOOoooooo.

The Quaker Oats Company

(Photo courtesy of The Quaker Oats Company)

I mean...yeah, I dig on Cap'n Crunch. You and the Cap'n make it happen, after all. This is a pass for me just because I gotta save my arteries for Oops! All Berries sometime soon.

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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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