Would You Buy This?: A Smart Planter With Feelings

Did you ever have a Tamagotchi as a kid? Did you feel bad when it was clear that you were ignoring it to the point of it starving? Well, time to bring back that guilt with Lua, a smart planter with feelings. It's currently being backed by donations to get it made, but it looks close to its goal.

Via Indiegogo:

Lua is designed to turn your plant into a pet. Using sensors, the smart planter triggers 15 different universal animated emotions. It measures soil’s moisture, light exposure and temperature to keep your houseplant alive and well. Lua’s app is easy to set up and use daily: the app generates a QR code that Lua can read and interpret right away!

Your plant has its needs but it can’t communicate them to you.

Lua turns your favorite plant into a spirited virtual pet! It's the perfect addition to your inner garden houseplants: its lively personality makes it the ideal plant companion.

If I were a plant person, I think I would consider this! Get more info HERE and check out the video below.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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