Dave Grohl Rolled in Rick Astley at a Small London Show

I like to believe that Dave and Rick are now best friends and that is partially why they do this so much. It's a silly thing to do. It's actually kind of dumb. I love it, though, because sometimes we need some silly, dumb stuff to make us smile when there's crazy s**t going on.

Via NME:

As if it wasn’t enough that Dave Grohl is a) in the building, b) on stage with a guitar and a mic, and c) playing some of Foo Fighters’ biggest hits, he’s also brought a mate along. It is, obviously, Rick Astley of ’80s pop and subsequent Rick-roll fame. Rick’s on drums for ‘Times Like These’ and stays bashing those skins for a cover of his own hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, with Grohl on vocals. “I don’t know much about Club NME,” Dave says, “but I know you’re not gonna see this anywhere else.” Classic.

Read more about it HERE and check out some clips below. I would actually love to hear just a Foos/Dave-only version of "Never Gonna Give You Up." It reminds me of that time Dave sang "You Are" to Lionel Richie and I threw my hotel key at a computer screen (watch that performance, not me throwing things, below as well).

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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