Would You Buy This?: Pumpkin Spice Spam

I'm automatically against anything that is "pumpkin spice flavored," but I'm also not a fan of SPAM. If you are, you do you and have at it.

Via Delish:

It's a brave new world out there full of things to Pumpkin Spice. And though you may have thought brands had injected nearly everything they could with that infamous fall flavor to, you'd be VERY WRONG. At least until now. That's right: The newest product to get the pumpkin spice treatment is...Spam?

Let's back up a second. Back in fall 2017,Spam posted a joking mock-up of Pumpkin Spice Spam on Facebook with the caption "Just in time for fall—SPAM® Pumpkin Spice! Ok, it might not be real, but you can still put it on your holiday wishlist! Would you?" We all had a laugh, we all moved on...or so we thought.

Turns out this year, Spam decided to make our pork-fueled dreams (or, um, nightmares) a reality, by actually making a pumpkin spice version of its canned food. A sample of the product was obtained by The Daily Meal whose testers actually had pretty good reviews of the stuff, comparing it to breakfast sausage and saying it "wasn't as bad as they expected."

You can read more HERE!

(photo courtesy of SPAM)

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Robin Jones

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