Would You Buy This?: Cinnamon Flavored Coca Cola

I think this is a NO for me. All I can think of it tasting like it Big Red gum and that sorta nauseates me. Coca Cola is fine. Adding lime to it was cool. Cinnamon is amazing. Great for lots of things. Let's not muck the two up by mixing them together.

Via Thrillist:

Coca-Cola is unleashing the holiday spirit by the six-pack this year with the launch of new, cinnamon-flavored Coke. Yes, spicy, cinnamon-y Coke sounds weird, but hey, we're not gonna knock it 'til we try it. The festive colafirst hit stores in the UK last year, so it's probably safe to assume that it's good enough for a stateside debut. We don't blame you if you're skeptical, though. 

The company has yet to reveal additional details about the festive drink, but when reached by email on Tuesday, a spokesperson confirmed packages of the stuff will officially launch across the country on September 30 along with yet another holiday-themed soda,Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. Both will stick around at least through December 31. 

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(Photo courtesy of Coca Cola)

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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