Teaser Trailer for Picard!

Maaaaaaan, I was insisting on not paying for CBS All Access because, well...why do I need another streaming service? Then Disney was all, "Gonna charge ya!" and then I found out this show was happening. The appearances from past Star Trek actors is pretty exciting and so is the fact that Picard's DOG IS NAMED NUMBER ONE.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

The name of Jean-Luc Picard’s dog has been confirmed, and it’s rather perfect.

Picard’s pooch — first glimpsed in the upcomingStar Trekspin-off’s poster and teaser photo above — is, of course…”Number One.”

Some enterprising fans (ahem) suspected this from the poster where if you zoom-in on the dog’s Starfleet insignia-shaped tag — there’s a “No. 1” on it — but CBS All Access has now confirmed that “Number One” is indeed the good boy’s name.

If you're a big fan of Patrick Stewart/Picard, you should check out this whole story with an interview HERE!

Watch the teaser trailer for Picard below!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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