Introducing....Heavy Metal Knitting!

I've known some pretty metal knitters in my day, so this kind of makes sense? There's a heavy metal knitting competition and I kind of dig it. You can imagine all of the badass grannies going to future events like this.


Via AltPress:

The contest feature competitors from all around the world, narrowing it down to 12 for the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships.

Contestants compete in Joensuu, Finland with heavy metal music provided by the band Maniac Abductor.

“It’s great, it is,” one competitor explains toODN. “Knitting is such a kind of meditative activity but now it’s energetic and it’s heart-pumping!”

The winner of this first-ever contest was Japanese five-piece Giga Body Metal. They even brought their own sumo wrestlers with them.

Read more HERE and check out some of the competition below!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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