Check Out Blink-182's New Song, Happy Days!

If you're still waiting for a new album from Blink-182...well, keep waiting. But here's a new song!

Via Stereo Gum:

“Happy Days” is a good one! It’s heartfelt and catchy, and it’s got that great Travis Barker drum-thunder underneath those pinched, hopeless hooks. Like the other two Blink songs, it seems lyrically mired in bittersweet nostalgia, which is the type of thing you might be feeling if you were getting ready to playEnema Of The Stateevery night on tour.

The new song is intended for Blink’s upcoming album, which the band spoke about today on Beats 1. Mark Hoppus says they’re using the working titleBojmir, which is “rim job” spelled backwards, and they’re pronouncing it with a silent “j.” Per Barker, “It sounds like some cool sparkling water. It sounds boujee.” They also discussed using the titlePretty Nutsat one point. The new album will contain a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell, produced by the Neptunes. Barker says they’re just going to keep releasing music until they decide they have an album: “I see it a lot in the stuff that I work on outside of Blink. People are just putting out songs, they put out singles, and that’s kind of even how we’re approaching this album. There’s not really a cutoff point. It’s just a matter of what makes the album, but we’re going to continue writing and just have a library of songs so we can just keep releasing music.”

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