Australia: the world that James Cook discovered and kind of was a dick to (I've been watching a lot of documentaries, so if you wanna argue about this, let's go) and the land of didgeridoos and Yahoo Serious. It is also home to some of nature's most beautiful, intriguing, and rare animals species. Look at the beauty of the kangaroo and its joey. And ahh, the sweet face of the wala-hold on, what the f**k is that?! OH JUST A SPIDER EATING A PYGMY POSSUM COOL COOL COOL.


While we're all wary of spiders, knowing their bites can pack a punch, seeing a big spider capture a small vertebrate is still more uncomfortable than a regular spider sighting. Can't they just stick to eating bugs?

Nope, not these fish eating spiders, or various huntsmen and tarantulas who insist on capturing animals like mice,birds,lizards,snakes, and even a baby opossum. Given spiders collectively eat more than all humans doeach year, it makes sense that they prey on their fair share of vertebrates.

Still, it's not a common thing for us to witness, and rarer even to capture on camera, like Justine Latton's husband Adam did at Mount Field National Park ski lodge in Tasmania.

"It was one of the biggest huntsman spiders he'd ever seen. [And the possum] was about the size of a large walnut," Latton told ScienceAlert.

Read more, but also be sure to check out Justine and Adam's Facebook page Tasmanian Insects and Spiders HERE. Enjoy the nightmares!

Photos courtesy of Adam & Justine Latton.

In lighter news, here is a spider cartwheeling to the Benny Hill theme, which I am horrified by and have watched about five times crying from laughter.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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