Get Ready for New Music from 311!

Did you know that 311 has been around since 1988? In radio terms (kinda like 'in dog years'), they are technically a classic rock band these days. Now, I haven't heard 311 on a classic rock station yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Anyway, 311 are getting ready to release their 13th album. Seriously. Their new album, Voyager, is out July 12th! The track listing includes:

(1) Crossfire

(2) Don’t You Worry

(3) Stainless

(4) Space and Time

(5) Dream State

(6) Good Feeling

(7) What The?!

(8) Better Space

(9) Dodging Raindrops

(10) Rolling Through

(11) Born to Live

(12) Charge It Up

(13) Lucid Dreams

Check out more info on 311's new album HERE and get a listen of their new song, "What The?!" below!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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