A Man's Execution Inspired the Title of The Black Keys' New Album

I'm very much looking forward to the new album from The Black Keys called Let's Rock, out June 28th. I honestly had no interest in learning about the title until...uh, I found out that it was inspired by someone getting the electric chair. *blink* Go on, Loudwire:

According to members Dan AuerbachandPatrick Carney, "let's rock" were the final words of a man who was being executed by electric chair in Tennessee the day they were recording the album. So the seemingly light-hearted connotation to the phrase "let's rock" does not actually hold up in this case.

"The coincidence was so strange and just so absurd...We can't just do that light and fun title," the band says. Low and behold — the album artwork is an electric chair.

Read more HERE and check out the guys explain it in video form below:


Meanwhile, if you're wondering how the band is bringing awareness to the masses about new music...they've given us a PSA.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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