Would You Buy This?: Salad Frosting

I never had an issue eating veggies as a kid, but apparently this is something parents deal with the difficulty of often. I just...why don't we all just offer kids Ranch dressing instead of calling it frosting and possibly charging more? Kids aren't stupid.

Via CNN:

Instead of simply asking kids to eat salad dressing -- or pretending the age-old condiment bears the hallmarks of a dessert staple -- Kraft Heinz has introduced "Salad Frosting," with the sweet tooth-invoking word right there on the label.

But here's the catch: It's just a slim tube of ranch dressing, relabeled so parents can trick kids into happily eating their vegetables.

I hate this? Yes, I hate this. Not because Ranch dressing is bad (though I think I have grown out of my love for it), but because it's JUST RANCH DRESSING.

Read more about it HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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