Jack White and Jack Black FINALLY Met!

Ok, maybe they HAVE met before...but how do we know it DID happen? And, if not, how is it possible that this never happened? I mean, they have like the two main prime colors in their names. It HAD to happen. They could form a supergroup called The Dominoes or Dalmatians or something else that is probably way more clever. We never saw these two together really, so....

Via Consequence of Sound:

White and Black both attended the MTV VMAs in 2006, and Black introduced White’s The White Stripes during a show in 2007. But even then, there’s no photographic evidence capturing the two in the same room at the same time, which has led to someBlack Mirror-esque conspiracy theories. Does Black shape-shift into the tall, pale White when he takes the stage with The Dead Weather? Or does the latter bulk up to embody the persona of the Tenacious D rocker andJumanji: Welcome to the Junglestar? Or,as another theory poises, “They are polar opposites, attracted to one another, but if they were to meet they would annihilate each other with the power of a thousand supernovae. That is why they are never seen together.”

Read more HERE and check out the Tenacious D post on Instagram that introduces us to the band's "new merch guy."

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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