Would You Buy This?: A Pillow Case with Your Pet's Face on It

Do you love your pet? No, I mean...loooooooooooooooooove your pet? Of course you do. Pets are awesome! And now you can slap their faces on a lot of stuff!

Via Firebox.com:

You (or your surly partner) may not let the family pet into your bed, but you don’t have to wait for morning to enjoy a sleepy snuggle with them anymore! Upload a high quality photo of your fur baby and we’ll pop it on a pillowcase for you. Simple.

Fall asleep with your precious pooch without ending up covered in fur, or cosy up to your cat without waking up to a face full of butthole. Got a fan of your pet who lives far away? Send them one of these for some cute comfort even when they can’t be close.

No need to worry if your pet’s mucky paws take a shine to it, these things are machine-washable and tumble dryer safe so you can launder it just as you would your normal bed linen. Score.

Yeah, you know you want this. Order it HERE!

(photo courtesy of Firebox)

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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