Turn Your Porcelain Throne into an Iron Throne!

Big 'Game of Thrones' fan? Thanks to a clever Etsy shop, you could turn your toilet into your own Iron Throne!

Via Etsy shop WorldFactoryDesign:

This porcelain throne is mine by right. All those who deny me are my foes!! A toilet seat decal forged from the captured weapons of your conquered enemies is the best home decor of all time. This self-adhesive vinyl decal is designed to attach to the wall right behind your potty, but it could attach onto almost any smooth surface. That means you could have an Iron Office Chair or an Iron Booster Seat. Your people will fear and respect you, just don't end up like Tywin Lannister!

Check out how you can order yours HERE!

Photos courtesy of WorldFactoryDesign on Etsy.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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