Dave Grohl Was in the Audience During Billie Eilish's Appearance on 'Ellen'

Thanks to friend to radio Leann and everyone else who sent this to me yesterday!

Dave Grohl recently stirred the pot when he said the work of Billie Eilish was comparable to that of Nirvana. Being everyone's cool uncle, the Foo Fighters front man is continuing that support...even showing up in the audience at 'Ellen!'

Via AltPress:

“I feel like recently I met a lot of people that my parents grew up as fans of, you know. And that’s no disrespect to your age, Dave,” Eilish laughed and looked at Grohl.

Grohl was a good sport about Eilish’s comment and laughed it off, too.

Dave can be seen sitting with his daughter in the clip, but watch the whole thing below! PS- Billie's new album is out now and is fantastic. Well done, kid!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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