Would You Buy This?: Taco Scented Bathroom Spray

This is absolutely a real thing. I know for a fact because I bought it this morning when I was still waking up. It took my money and sent an order confirmation, so...the bathroom at IHeart is going smell kinda spicy.

Via PooPouri.com:

Street Tacos is a citrusy zest of Poo~Pourri Original Citrus along with notes of Savory Taco Seasoning, Onion, Garlic and Black Pepper

There once was a foodie named Porter,

Who loved food from south of the border.

For restroom relief,

No bathroom beef,

He added Poo~Pourri to his order.

Update: Our first batch of Street Tacos sold out in hours, so we're cooking up a fresh batch! Service might be a little slow, but we'll email you as soon as your order ships (approx 7-10 days).

So, ya eat your tacos...and then cover up the smell of your taco droppings with more taco scents. Seems right. Read more HERE!

PS- Poo-Pourri: still serious about that endorsement.

Photo courtesy of Poo-Pourri.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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