This High School Drama Club Put on a Production of 'Alien'

Photo courtesy of North Bergen High School

(Photo courtesy of North Bergen High School)

Did your high school drama department have an amazing budget? I can say that, no-ours did not. Not a knock on the department, it's just not something that typically gets funded so much.

This drama club from North Bergen High School in New Jersey put on the most budgety, amazing thing ever for a high school play...and the students PAID for the recycled material:

Via The Verge:

North Bergen High School’s drama club staged the play on the 19th and 22nd this past week, and one of the school’s students posted some details about theproduction on Reddit. They noted that itfollows the plot of the film, “with a few scenes added to kill time for scene changes,” (which apparently includedthe Xenomorph walking amongst the members of the audience). The school put together a trailer for the production earlier this month.

“The chest burster has someone underneath the table. There’s a separate person who wears a fake head for Ash attack the others. And there’s someone inside one of the eggs holding a facehugger and throws it at the person playing Kane.”

The students also created theXenomorphand space suit costumes, as well as sets that included airlock doors that opened and closed. What’s more,the student saysthat the school didn’t pay for any of it: the students themselves raised the money themselves, and build their props and costumes from recycled materials.

Holy crap, that is impressive! I officially love these kids because, really-what group of high school students have ever put something like this together? Heroes! You can check out the trailer the drama club put together and a little more of the play itself (including the Face Hugger scene, oh my god) below and read more HERE!

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