Fans Screwed Themselves Out of an Encore from Twenty One Pilots

Can you imagine being at a show for your favorite band and not wanting the show to ever end? That's all of us, sure. What if an encore meant you had to be quiet for about four seconds? Sounds easy, right? a Twenty One Pilots show in Manchester, UK the band recently decided to try playing The Quiet Game with their fans in exchange for a few more songs. Turns out, concert-goers just can't be quiet.

Via Alternative Press:

As you may already know,twenty one pilotshave started playing“the Quiet Game”during theirBanditotour. However, after a streak of flops, Tyler JosephandJosh Dundecided to give their Manchester fans a little extra motivation to give the game a solid effort.

That said, the duo decided to make a bet with their fans: If they could be quiet for four whole seconds or longer, they would play three extra songs.

However, despite some fans’ serious disappointment, their fellow concert-goers were unable to keep it zipped long enough to claim their proposed reward.

After less than two seconds, a few screams caused the duo to stop the clock. Of course, the completion of the game was followed by intense booing.

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Robin Jones

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