Here's Gerard Way's Pitch for a Cartoon from 2001!

Before the Netflix adaption of The Umbrella Academy, Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance had another idea pitched for television.

Via AlternativePress:

By now, we all know and love the Netflixadaptation of Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy.But what you might not know is that the show was not the first time the My Chemical Romancefrontman attempted to pitch a show.

That’s right, Way attempted to create a show with Joe Boyle back in 2001. That was the same year MCR started it all. 

The show was calledThe Breakfast Monkey.It was supposed to be about a Scandinavian monkey who was also a chef. He shared the importance of breakfast to viewers and encouraged them to never miss the most important meal of the day.

Way attempted to pitch the show to Cartoon Network, but it was never picked up because they said it was too similar toAqua Teen Hunger Force.

Honestly, I think it seems more similar to Ren and Stimpy, but you can be the judge below. It's weird and what I would expect from the guy who would give us The Black Parade.

Read more about it HERE!

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Robin Jones

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