Would You Buy This?: Burrito Wrapper Blanket

Oh man, I live with a human burrito. This makes sense to me so much. If you like to wrap yourself up in a blanket like you're a burrito, you may like this. ESPECIALLY if you love Taco Bell.

Via Bustle:

For those of you who have ever ordered a burrito, held that warm little bub in the palm of your hand and thought,I wish that I too were as unfettered and happy as this pocket of beans and meat, I come bearing excellent tidings. You can abandon the human world and become a sentient burrito. And all of that is thanks to thisTaco Bell Ultra Plush Burrito Wrap Blanket, which is an item you can purchase on the Taco Bell Shop online.

Would you buy this? There's also blankets that look like tortillas if you want to be a naked burrito. Ha.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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