Clever Girl Scout Tactic: Jason Momoas

100% true: before I knew who the guy was, I was assuming his name WAS Jason Samoa. My fat ass is more knowledgeable of cookies than the names of humans, I guess.

Anyway, you've heard of Girl Scouts doing some really clever stuff to sell each year. Last year, the girls seemed to find ways to sell in front of dispensaries (proof HERE). THIS YEAR, one little girl from Colorado is using a pop-culture twist and, uh...look.

Jason Momoas. Good lord, gimme 12.

Via Colorado's

If you didn't know, competition between Scouts can be tough in these Colorado streets. So one fifth grader from Highlands Ranch is pulling out all the stops.

Charlotte Holmberg is a Top Cookie CEO for the Girl Scouts. (Yes, that's a thing. No, you can't apply for the job. It's an honor given to Girl Scouts who consistently sell a lot of cookies.)

harlotte is hoping to keep that title by bringing "Momoas" to life.

You may have seen a picture of the cookies on social media before. They are a play on actor Jason Momoa's name and the Girl Scouts' "Samoas" cookies. You know which ones we're talking about: the caramel-coconut pieces of heaven that ruin all of our diets.

Oh and...

"The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them," Charlotte said.

Yeah, I bet they are. HA! Read more about it HERE!

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Robin Jones

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