Would You Buy This?: Chicken and Waffles Cereal

I love chicken and I love waffles. I don't normally eat the two together, but I certainly get why everyone else does. But I gotta tell ya...I am not really jazzed about chicken and waffles becoming the new pumpkin spice, especially in cereal form.

Via The Daily Meal:

Well, just in time for National Cereal Day, the sweet and savory dish is being turned into a cereal. That’s right — on March 7, Post’s Chicken and Waffle Honey “Brunches” of Oats will hit store shelves exclusively at Walmart.

While there’s no actual poultry in this shelf-stable cereal (thank God), there are drumstick-like crunchies in the box. It’s unclear exactly what this tastes like because the packaging just says “naturally and artificially flavored,” but according to junk food Instagrammer@canadiancandyhunters, “It’s real and spectacular!” Enough said.

PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU ARE GETTING THE CHICKEN FLAVOR INTO THIS CEREAL. Good lord, this one is a fat no for me. Read more about this limited-edition cereal HERE!

Photo courtesy of Post Consumer Brands
Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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