Would You Buy This?: A Beer Can Holder for the Shower

If you've attempted to drink in the shower, things may be a little rough for you. Things slip all over the place and you worry about having to hold your drink while trying to get clean. I assume, at least. It's not like I shower (just kidding mom, of course I do).

Via Apartment Therapy :

The steam from the hot water makes the ledges in your bathroom slippery. Everyone has knocked a bottle of shampoo onto their foot during a shower at some point because of this. You’d never want to knock over a glass of wine or a beer in the shower, that would just make a huge mess. Now, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can buy a silicone beer can holder meant for the shower from Urban Outfitters. We’ve all heard of a shower beer before, right? It is the perfect silly Valentine’s gift for the beer lover in your life. Or you can even get it for that person who is so obsessed with La Croix, they’d drink it while taking a shower.

The product description reads:

Suds yourself down while sudsing up with this innovative water-proof stick-on beer holder! Sticks to any slick surface like glass, mirror, marble, glazed shower tile or laminate and easily removes without leaving residue behind. Perfect for holding ice cold cans of seltzer + soda, too; not for use with glass cups or bottles.

Get more info HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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