Valentine's Gifts for the True Weirdo in Your Life

Okay, so maybe you don't care about Valentine's Day. Or-like me-you see that it's totally a made up holiday, but are down with fancy dinners and candy. Whatever the situation is, most likely you know that Valentine's Day is this week. So, maybe you don't care about spending time with someone or you have someone who makes you happy. WHAT IF you're stuck in a relationship with someone you dislike? Or you're with someone who has an equally messed up sense of humor as you? has made a list of some weird gifts for this Valentine's Day. Check out the whole list HERE , but here are some highlights!

For $25, you can get the Death Row Meal from Last Meals Delivery Service:

In brief, each meal you order comes with a randomly assigned criminal who faced death row, and you get to enjoy their last meal . Beyond the quality of its cuisine, each meal from Last Meals Delivery service really lets you connect with the serial killers, criminals, and convicted felons who ordered it as their final gustatory indulgence on death row. You also get a cardboard cutout of their head.

Get more info HERE!

Other suggested gift items include Baby Hands:


And Handerpants :

Read more HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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