Brendon Urie Would Like Fans to Stop Kissing Him at Shows

I get it. Brendon Urie is a beautiful person and super charming and just good at what he does. Very rarely do I ever hear about male performers talk about getting inappropriately touched at concerts, but the Panic! at the Disco singer has been dealing with kisses from strangers and even a face grab while doing his "death walk," performing 'Death of a Bachelor.'

Via AltPress:

Yesterday,  Panic! At The Disco  tour manager, Zack Hall said  Brendon Urie ’s famous “death walk” could be pulled from shows.The warning came as Hall tweeted about how some fans inappropriately touch Urie during the excursion.

Now, following Urie commenting on another incident last night, Hall is tweeting another warning to fans that could result in them being removed from the show.

If you are unfamiliar with the death walk, it’s when Urie comes down from the stage while performing “Death Of A Bachelor.” During this moment, he interacts with fans by shaking their hands or even hugging them.

Urie got on Twitch earlier today for a livestream where he kicked it off by explaining that the inappropriate touching happened yet again. Despite Hall’s warning, a fan kissed Urie’s neck during the Omaha, Nebraska show at CHI Health Center Friday nigh t.

GUG? The neck?

The neck kiss is so intimate too. It’s like an extra f**k you to me, you know what I mean? Please stop kissing me on the death walk. Please stop kissing me, please.”


And a face grab?


Wtf, people? Read more HERE , but...maybe don't get so gropey and creepy with a guy just trying to put on a great show? He may end up having to stop doing that portion of the show.

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