Sad News: You're Not Supposed to Cuddle Hedgehogs

Wtf, we're not supposed to cuddle hedgehogs or we'll get sick? Next, you'll tell us that porcupine swaddling is a bad idea and that trying to ride a gator to work is silly. Mind your business, CDC!

Via Gizmodo:

The CDC said Friday that it is currently investigating a Salmonella typhimurium outbreak that it believes may be tied to contact with these prickly critters, adding that you definitely shouldn’t be cuddling or smooching your pet hedgehog—hard as that may be. Eleven people across eight states have fallen ill after coming into contact with a pet hedgehog, with one individual reportedly hospitalized.

No deaths have been reported in this outbreak, but a hedgehog-related Salmonella outbreak involving the same strain was linked to the death of a man in Washington in 2013. People with weak immune systems can be especially susceptible to potentially serious effects.

The CDC said in its advisory that people began reporting sickness in late October, and 10 out of the 11 individuals interviewed by health officials said they had previously crossed paths with a pet hedgehog. So far, incidents have been reported in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and Wyoming.

This is, of course, no hate to hedgehogs. The CDC has issued similar advisories for pets like chickens (please don’t kiss them!) and turtles (again, please no kisses!) during Salmonella outbreaks. I certainly understand the need to squish the cute thing, but the CDC also advises against kissing and snuggling these pets in general—not just during an outbreak.

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B-b-but...I was led to believe that hedgehogs wear sneakers and-most recently-have human bodies as shown HERE. I guess if you don't mind all kinds of stomach/butt trouble, this will not deter you from getting that hedge-hug. 

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Robin Jones

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