Some TSA Agents May Be Blaring Uncensored Rap Right Now

Honestly, if I were showing up to work without knowing when I would get paid...I'd probably go into F the Man mode, too. At least some people are having fun during the shutdown of the government. 

Via Consequence of Sound:

Airports have been especially hit hard by the shutdown, as many employees have called out sick, unwilling to put in time for zero pay. Those that have shown up… well, let’s just say they’ve been making the best of their situations: In recent weeks, passengers at New York’s JFK airport have reported hearing TSA agents blast explicit, uncensored versions of rap songs over the loudspeakers.

As Business Insider points out, “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott and Drake has been prominently heard, as has “Lift Yourself”, the “musical poop joke” song from Kanye West. Other tracks from Beastie Boys and Ludacris have also apparently been in rotation.

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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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