Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl!

Ohhh, friends. If you've listened to me for five seconds, you know my thoughts on Dave Grohl. I bought a car recently and decided to name it after him. I drink my wine out of a Dave Grohl wine glass. I love this dude ridiculously...even when he falls off stages after drinking (let's have a chat about that later, hm?). 50 years of a badass making the music world amazing is a great thing to celebrate! 

Check out what Slash, Corey Taylor, and Israel posted to celebrate! Cheers to the best mofo in music! <3 


Meanwhile, it looks like Dave finally gets a Bar Mitzvah! This was insane and beautiful...

Via Alternative Nation:

As we celebrate legendary Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl’s 50th birthday on Monday, some very creative Foo Fighters fans in Israel have created a hilarious new video where they have their own birthday party celebrating Grohl’s 50th birthday. The video is part of a campaign to bring Foo Fighters to Israel.

Robin's Dave Grohl Wine Glass
Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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