Happy David Bowie Day!

Today marks the 72nd year in which a beautiful, magical alien came down to Earth and graced us with some really amazing music. If you know me or have heard me babble for more than a minute...you know how I feel about Bowie. Honestly, I'm still in denial about his death and believe he's just back in space. 

To celebrate this great day, there is a new app available today called David Bowie Is...in the Google Play Store and iTunes. 

Via Fast Company.com:

 The David Bowie Is . . . augmented-reality app is based on the record-breaking museum exhibition of the same name, which toured the world before ending after a run at New York’s Brooklyn Museum last year. The app features more than 400 items to explore, including video and images from Bowie’s life on and off camera, complete with a musical soundtrack, and narration from Oscar-winning actor Gary Oldman.

Read more HERE!

Also, here are some Bowie tracks that are weird, surprising, sweet, and usually not loved on enough. Thank you, Starman, as always. 

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