Sonic the Hedgehog Has a Human Body, Still Goes Fast

The people behind Deadpool and The Fast and the Furious are also the team that will be bringing us the new animated/live-action version of Sonic the Hedgehog! Not gonna lie, I was wondering, "WHY?" when I heard about this. For starters, video game movies are...uh...ya know. But this has Ben Schwartz (Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation!) as Sonic, so maybe it'll be ok! 

Then I saw this:


Yo, Sonic is buff. Like, he has a HUMAN body. This can't be...right? No, it can't be. And wait-is that FUR? Hedgehogs don't have fur.


The movie’s creative team disagrees, however.

“It would be weird and it would feel like he was running around nude if he was some sort of otter-like thing,” executive producer Tim Miller (director of Deadpool) told IGN. “It was always, for us, fur, and we never considered anything different. It’s part of what integrates him into the real world and makes him a real creature.”

But wait! The legs!


Uhhhhhh. We'll see. My friend, who is a big fan of Sonic said: "

I hate it. Why does he have human legs??"

Because, friend-that's how he's gotta go fast. 

Read more about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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