There's Going to Be a Dave Grohl Documentary

This sounds like something that I would try to do, but I am glad people with money are doing it instead. Looks like a documentary about Dave Grohl is in the works! 

Via Alternative Nation

In a recent SMH interview, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s mom Virginia revealed that a new film about her son’s life and career is in the works.

A new documentary on his career – from Scream to Nirvana to Foo Fighters – was under way, Ms Hanlon Grohl confirmed, as her son’s interest in movies expanded.

“We are doing that,” she said. “Coming soon.”

Aw, snap. Mama Grohl knows how to win my heart again. Also in the interview, she explained what it's like for Dave's siblings:

When asked how the brothers and sisters of rock stars coped with their siblings’ fame, Ms Hanlon Grohl said Dave’s older sister, Lisa, shaped his earliest music influences.

“She was the one that introduced him to her musical tastes [punk rock] when she was a teenager and I was worried that she would feel left out, that her life hadn’t been quite so special,” she said.

“But she always said she would never want people to know her name. She didn’t like people coming up to her and saying: ‘Are you Dave’s sister?’

“I, on the other hand, when I see a lady at the cabbage counter at the grocery store with a Foo Fighters T-shirt, I instantly introduce myself. I can’t help myself.

Note to self: wear more Foo Fighters shirts and buy more cabbage. 

Of course, this wouldn't be the FIRST Foo Fighters/Dave documentary. Back and Forth gave us the background on the band and Sound City was directed by Dave. There was a whole TV series with Sonic Highways. Bring on more Grohl, please! Get more info HERE! 

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