Florida Ants Decorate Nests with Heads of Enemies

I've watched my fair share of nature documentaries over the years (if it's got David Attenborough, I am there!), so I've always known about how damn clever ants can be. Like, these guys know how to create homes and basically do brick laying with saliva and the sticky ish from grass. It's impressive and a little scary. On that note, there is a new reason to be afraid of ants besides them obviously becoming our overlords in about 100 years.

Via Newsweek:

"Scientists are taking a closer look at a species of ant in Florida that decorates its nest with the skulls of other ants it has killed. As if that wasn’t macabre enough, they have now discovered it kills its enemies by mimicking them, then spraying them with acid.

The Florida ant Formica archboldi has been the subject of study for more than 60 years. Their habitat is restricted to the Southeastern U.S., mainly found in Florida and parts of Alabama and Georgia.

In a study published in the journal Insectes Sociaux, Adrian Smith, from North Carolina State University, has now analyzed what happens when the Florida ants attack jaw-trap ants. He found Florida ants chemically mimic the trap jaw ant by making a layer of wax that covers the surface of the ant the same as the wax that covers its prey.

Time-lapse footage then showed what happened next. The Florida ant sprayed the trap-jaw ant with formic acid to immobilize it. These freshly killed creatures are then dragged into the nest and dismembered."

Holy f**k. So, if you didn't know...ants would absolutely kill and eat us if they could. Read more HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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