There's a Seinfeld-Themed Metal Band Named Grindfeld

Remember how there was a Ned Flanders-themed band called Okily Dokily? That was pretty strange, right? Well, I think they should go on tour with this NEW band called Grindfeld. This is a band inspired by-yep-Seinfeld.

Their new EP, 5 Songs About Nothing, will be released on November 23rd and will take actual inspiration from Seinfeld episodes. 

Via Consequence of Sound:

As great as the EP title are the song names, including “The Contest”, “The Soup Nazi”, and “The Bizarro Jerry”. You can hear “The Contest” right now in the Bandcamp player below.

A press release described the formation of the band as follows, “After what seems like a lifetime of repeat viewings, re-runs and falling asleep to the same laugh track over and over again, ex and current members of Wretched, Alterbeast, The Kennedy Veil and Rivers of Nihil decided there was more to this simple show about ‘Nothing’.”

It continues, “Born out of a mutual love of Death Metal, comical observations, coffee and Hardcore, Grindfeld is a project built on the existential dread hidden just under the surface of daily life,” adding that the music is “Not for fans of: Kenny Bania, Nazis.”

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Robin Jones

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