106-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday at Taco Bell

I don't know about you, but I probably would have my 106th birthday at a concert or something. Everyone is different, though, and this young-er, little lady decided to celebrate her 106th birthday at....TACO BELL. Wha-whaaaaaaaa? 

Via UPI:

Myrtis Jewel Painter was treated to a party with family and friends Sunday at a Taco Bell in Phoenix, where employees decorated the restaurant in honor of the regular customer.

Gleg Gladden, who owns the Taco Bell franchise, said he wanted to honor Painter, who has been a regular customer at the location for the past eight years.

"At 106? And they want to come to Taco Bell? And hang out with me?" Gladden told KPHO/KTVK-TV. "It's just amazing."

Painter dined on a taco and an enchilada for her birthday meal.

"I think Taco Bell is a good place to come to, I really do," Painter said.

Painter, who was born in east Texas in 1912, has lived in Phoenix since 1932.

I personally would have gone with nachos or a chalupa, but good on you, Myrtis! You know exactly what on the menu will align with your stomach! 

Read more HERE and check out some videos below:

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