Vintage Halloween Costumes: Still Scary as Ffffff

I like to look through things like this every Halloween because I AM AN IDIOT WHO IS CLEARLY AFRAID OF THESE THINGS. While current-day Halloween costumes really don't scare me too much, when I look at VINTAGE costumes...I get freaked out. I legit just yelled, "NO!" at these pictures from the Stuff You Should Know blog (check it out HERE!). So, if you need some inspiration for a costume this year, look no further than a mangled paper-mache mask and some slumpy standing. I mean, I know you were hoping to dress up like a sexy Minion or a sexy toaster (because there are slots....get it? I don't), but if you're looking to scare things up a bit, these costumes could be inspiring.  

Good lord, that's some nightmare fuel. If you like looking at horrible things, PLEASE go check out these photos and about 60 more HERE! 

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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