Beastie Boys Keep a WHAT in Storage?!

I have been waiting so long for the memoir, Beastie Boys Book, to be released. I think it was supposed to be out before MCA (Adam Yauch) died,'s been awhiiiiiiiile. I expect to get my copy on release day because I pre-ordered that ish as soon as it was announced. It looks like we'll be getting a lot of info on how the group grew up over the years, including with (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party). Looks like they regret the image they created from the video, but...the song also encouraged them to do some odd hoarding. 

Of course, there's also a story about how the dudes kept a giant inflatable wang in storage. Wang? Doodle? Private? *whispers* Penis. 

Via New York Post:

“(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)” was chosen as a single by the band’s label, Def Jam, in February 1987, even though the Beasties considered it a throwaway. It was immediately picked up by MTV and became a hit, but the band quickly soured on the track and the dumb-jock stereotype it represented — so much so, they never played it live after their 1987 tour.

But one remnant lingers: A giant hydraulic penis that would pop up on stage when the trio played the song. (According to Rolling Stone, it stood 20 feet tall).

“Seemed funny at the time … [But] you gotta really think before you say or do some dumb s–t,” Horovitz writes of the decision to have the prop created. “Think about the people you care about most. Will they be embarrassed for you, and of you? Yes . . . And you’ll end up paying thirty years’ worth of storage locker fees in New Jersey for a 5-foot-by-5-foot dick in a box.”

I've held onto some really stupid things in my life, so...I guess this is fine. Read more HERE!

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